Reach Out to Your Member of Parliament

Our efforts to increase graduate student and postdoctoral scholar funding have put significant pressure on the federal government. But there is still work to do! That is why we are asking you to reach out to your Member of Parliament (MP) by email, telephone, or by requesting a meeting, to ask for them to support early career researchers by increasing government funding to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in Canada.




Phone calls to Members of Parliament have a big impact! You can find your MP's contact information here. It is likely you will have to leave a voicemail, so we put together a suggested script to make it as simple as possible.


If you have the capacity to make multiple phone calls, you should consider also reaching out to Minister Freeland (Minister of Finance). Minister Champagne (Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (NSERC & SSHRC)) has indicated his support for increasing investment into grad students and postdoctoral fellows but the Ministry of Finance needs to know this is important to Canadians.

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Hello! My name is [Your Name] and I am a [constituent in your riding/concerned citizen]. I am calling to ask that MP [MP Name] supports increasing federal funding to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in Canada.

Optional points: 

  • Thousands of Canadians have expressed their support for this initiative by signing the House of Commons Petition e-4098 and joining the Support Our Science movement.

  • Graduate and postdoctoral scholars drive the research, science, and innovation that keeps Canada competitive on the global stage. Yet, graduate and postdoctoral awards provided by the federal government force these early career researchers to work below the poverty line.

  • This issue has been covered by national media, and more information is available at

If you’d like a meeting: I would be happy to meet with you or your office to discuss the role of Canadian researchers in our economy and why I as your constituent need you to support this initiative. I can be reached at [PHONE NUMBER].


Requesting a meeting with your Member of Parliament is a great way to build a relationship and have your concerns heard by your representative. Below is a primer on 'How to hold a successful meeting with your MP' by Results Canada.