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Graduate Student

McGill charge me extra sessions equivalent to around 5000$ a year, at my salary it means I am constantly in debt and crawling from month to month. I won't be able to stay in research/academia after my degree finishes because I cannot afford to live like this anymore. I do not feel like an adult, I do not feel self-sufficient or autonomous as I constantly rely on assistance. I love my work, I wouldn't trade it for anything, but at the end of each month I start getting in later and become less and less happy and my work suffers for it.

If graduate school funding was $35,000 Canadian per year for all students, how would that change your life? In short I would be able to manage my money better, I wouldn't have any issues with cashflow. I would feel like an adult, and be able to focus on my own life and my own happiness; my work would be better.

Additional comments: Is this just for people on scholarships or all PhD students, because a lot of students don't get awards and would be left out if its only awards based.


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