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Graduate Student

International student. My current stipend is 22k per annum. Rent, groceries, and bills account for 18k. Tuition fee is 9k. I am left with a negative 5k. I haven't seen any family in 3 years, debts continue to pile up both in and out of Canada, and I feel as if I am locked in this country. To go home it takes around 3k. I simply can't. Health, relationship, or any of that, it is impossible. I even had to cut friends because they started seeing me as a liability because I don't pay for anything every time. Ostracized, deserted, and isolated. How can young people feel inspired to become scientists? I feel more and more like an intellectual slave than an international student in this country. The youth are better off not pursue to science, because being a scientist is a punishment in this country. Plus, performance review meetings— no faculty are helpful or understanding. I can't even cry, or scream, or do anything about it. Can't even run away. Science = Destitution, in Canada.

If graduate funding was CAD $35,000/yr for all students, how would that change your life? 35k would solve some problems. I can clear off some debts. Not all. But truth be told, I have lost hope. My hopes and dreams are dead. I wanted to pursue science, but looking at the economic state, no thank you. PhD students and Post Docs are barely given any money, yet we have to do 90% of the research work. Awards and rewards? None. Especially for us, international intellectual slaves. Ok, if we become professors? Even then, we get underpaid. If this country rewards actors, influencers, and clowns of other sorts, congratulations. Continue to do so. I don't have to stay in Canada, and I will not. If Canada doesn't like intelligent people, we will all move out where there are better conditions for science and scientists. Canada can continue to culture clowns. You can all watch TikToks and Insta reels, while other countries discover/innovate in STEM. Oh— you can also watch cat/dog videos. They are cute.

Additional comments: Engineering and science are the heart of any country. In Canada, neither are afforded a livable wage. Who lives below poverty? Engineers and scientists. Who has mental health issues? Engineers and scientists. Poverty and intelligent minds, great combination, right?


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