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Support Our Science responds to 2022 Fall Economic Statement

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

For immediate release

Ottawa, November 3, 2022: Support Our Science represents thousands of Canadian graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, faculty, and members of the public concerned about the future of science in Canada. We are disappointed that the fall economic update announced by Minister Chrystia Freeland today contains no direct solution for the thousands of government-funded graduate students and post-doctoral scholars across Canada who are facing economic hardship. Many of these scholars are working in poverty because of nearly 20 years of funding stagnation from the government. Parliament itself recommended increased funding to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in two recent reports (SRSR report 1, SRSR report 2). There is no excuse for this government's inaction, particularly since investment in the next generation of researchers is essential for innovation, economic growth and talent retention in Canada.

While we are pleased that there will be a permanent elimination of interest on Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans, this is estimated to save the average borrower $410 over the lifetime of their federal student loan. This does not alleviate the challenges that graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are facing every day to make ends meet.

We call on the government to immediately increase government funding to graduate students and post-doctoral scholars as outlined here. We look forward to a solution in Budget 2023.

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