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Graduate Student

After all my loans, rent, and other expenses, I will have 100$ left. Since I've started my grad studies, I've bought NOTHING to myself. Plus, I've got diabetes from all the stress. Recent inflation has already taken that 100$ away from me. 'Live, Laugh, and Love' is what people tell us to do? Live my type of life, then I'll see how much one can laugh and love. Oh, plus I'm an international student, so, I'm ineligible for 99% of the scholarships, and the remaining 1% I wouldn't get because of the high level of competition. My research output hasn't been so good recently, and in my attempts to improve, I have developed ulcers, sleep deprivation, and panic anxiety. If there's a 'cost of living', then money is an essential element too. Lack of money is as dangerous as lack of air or water. Financial stress is real, and is a killer. Worst part is that I am a victim of that. Before coming to Canada, I was healthy, hopeful, and had great ideas. Now all I have is debts and diabetes. Thank you, Canada.

If graduate funding was CAD $35,000/yr for all students, how would that change your life? 35k is just about the right amount. But, with the growing plague of inflation, would it be sufficient by the time this gets implemented? Much of the disorders I've are stress related. Lack of stress would make me healthy again, hopefully. My doctor tells me that I need to reduce stress and I'll be healthy again. So easy for her to say that with a 50k watch on her wrist. The priority for me is not money, but science. To not do science due to the financial stress is what killing me inside. This would change with an increment. I would visit back to my home country, to see my family and friends for the first time in 4 years. They don't know yet that I've diabetes, it would be interesting for them to know what 'Canadian experience' really is. As a woman from a rather women-unfriendly nation, I expected independence and financial freedom here. I would probably get that. But my question then again, would the increment of 35k be sufficient by the time it gets implemented? I highly doubt it.

Additional comments: I never knew that to do science in Canada would mean living in poverty. Canada has some unique research areas and programs which we couldn't find elsewhere. To do science in those areas means you HAVE to come to Canada. But, who would come here, stay here, and live here? The sheer disrespect that the Canadian system has by this type of behavior to let students suffer is a mockery to science, and its pillars (grad students). But I can't say that can I? Already I'm a woman, plus poverty, plus diabetes and other disorders, plus an immigrant. My voice would never be heard, and my problems would never be seen.


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