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Budget 2024 announced $5.76B in funding for research and innovation. The largest part of this investment ($2.63B) is directed at increasing the value and number of graduate student scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships and the base budget for research grants so that all students can benefit from new funding.


One thing we have learned in this campaign is that advocating for research is never finished, and keeping doors open and conversations going is key to continued success. That is why Support Our Science is launching a non-partisan Gratitude Campaign. Please help us thank the policy makers and staff who helped us succeed by sending them the short form letter below.

Your letter will automatically be sent to these key decision makers:

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

  • Minister Chrystia Freeland (Finance Minister)

  • Minister François-Philippe Champagne (Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada)

  • Minister Mark Holland (Minister of Health)

  • MP Pierre Poilievre (Conservative Leader)

  • MP Jagmeet Singh (NDP Leader)

  • MP Yves-François Blanchet (BQ Leader)

  • MP Elizabeth May (Green Party Leader)

  • MP Kirsty Duncan (previous Minister of Science)

  • Standing Committee on Science and Research committee members

  • MPs who supported e-petitions:

    • MP Richard Cannings

    • MP Maxime Blanchette-Joncas

    • MP Iqra Khalid

    • MP Michelle Ferreri

    • MP Bonita Zarrillo

  • Your local MP

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