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Our Team.

Support Our Science is made up of an Executive Council, Board of Directors, Community Partners and Volunteers. Interested in getting involved? Sign up here

Executive Council

Board of Directors


Marc Johnson

Chair of the Board


Jeannette Whitton

Board Member

Sarah Laframboise.jpeg

Sarah Laframboise

Board Member


20230809_115527 (1).jpg

Mary Miedema

Communications Manager

OOO40027 (2).jpg

Harley Wynen

Social Media Manager


Stephen Holland

Government Relations Manager


Jérémie Turcotte

Website Manager


In memory of Louis Bernatchez

 Louis was with Support Our Science from the very beginning. He helped lead our early strategy, attending meetings with Tri-Agency and government officials. He spoke at the Montreal rally, frequently spoke to the French and English media as a SOS representative, and was an ardent supporter of increased federal funding for graduate students and postdocs to the end. He was among our greatest champions, and we will continue the work he helped us start.

Community Partners

We are open to organizations willing to partner with Support Our Science. Together we can coordinate our mission's goals and unify the voice of the Canadian research community:

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